ATEX Water Damage Emergency Response

ATEX Water Damage Restoration Offers Versatile Services

Fire damage, water damage, smoke damage, and mold infestations are all on the list of Austin’s homeowner problems we can help you solve. When you have a problem with any of these in the Austin area, we will get there and get you taken care of as quickly as possible. Whether you are north of, south of, or in central Austin our technicians are available for immediate response 24/7 for your emergency calls.

Safe And Efficient

We hire the most reliable and most courteous restoration professionals in the business to take care of you and your home. We will make sure that the job gets done correctly and as efficiently as possible.

ATEX Water Damage Restoration

Your home is likely the single most expensive thing you will ever purchase; wouldn’t you like to know that the people you hire to repair it care about that? With years of experience in home restoration, we understand that you can only afford to have repairs on your home done once. Our people are top notch, so the work gets done right the first time.

Emergency Fast Response

Fast And Friendly When You Need It

Whether you call us at 3 p.m. or 3 a.m., we are always available to help you. We will dispatch technicians to your location within 30 minutes of your emergency call to help you with your restoration problem.

Expect The Best

Hiring professionals to do the work is what we do best, and you can rest securely at night knowing that only the best will be working in your home. Service does not get much better than this, so when you have a problem call us right away.

Insurance Billing Service

One excellent service that we can offer you is the ability to bill your homeowner’s insurance provider instead of you. This means that they get to deal with the majority of the paperwork involved in getting us paid; you just sit back and let us work.

Extended Mold Services

We not only kill and remove mold from your home, but we can also do a preliminary inspection of homes that have no apparent mold growth in them. Finding moisture pockets and mold colonies that are just beginning to grow is yet another service that we can offer you. If you suspect that you have water or mold damage, call us today to get your free preliminary inspection! If we discover a significant problem, we know whom to call for the Official Mold Inspection. Whether it is water damage, fire damage, or a mold problem call us right away; it only gets worse with time.

Are You Maintaining Your Roof?

Your Roof Is An Important Part of Regular Home Maintenance

Shingles are flat, overlapping items that protect the roof from water and other damaging elements. Shingles are typically constructed of wood, slate, asphalt or composite materials. Staples or roofing nails are typically used to keep shingles in place. It usually takes s few days for a roofing contractor Houston to complete installation on a new house. Very large houses or roofs that require specialty products may take longer. Inclement weather can inhibit roof construction. Roofing companies will avoid working on days when rain is probable and will cover the roof with a waterproof tarp to prevent any leakage.

A Leaking Roof

Roof leaks are common, a yet very distressing cause of damage to the home. A roof without proper maintenance and care is at risk of damage from a variety of sources. Homeowners should stay proactive when it comes to roof maintenance. Your roofing contractor should provide a free annual roof inspection. That regular maintenance will help spot and prevent damaged and weathered sections from leaking. Yet, many homeowners don’t realize there is a problem until it is too late and serious damage has been done to their home.

Roof Damaged by Houston Storm

Causes Of Roof Leaks

The simplest cause of roof leaks is age. Temperature changes that come with seasonal weather, ultraviolet rays from the sun, wind, and storms all wear on your the roof shingles and dissolve the tar that holds everything together. Inclement weather can wreak havoc on rooftops. High winds can pull off shingles, and excessive rain or snow will worm its way into any cracks in the roof and penetrate the house beneath. Any holes in the roof, whether from the removal of a rooftop installation or from vents that are not properly sealed, allow water to infiltrate the home.

Your Roof Can Be Compromised By Extra Weight

Extra weight from debris, such as large branches or a buildup of snow and ice, weighs down the roof. The extra pressure compromises the overall integrity of the structure Debris can also collect water, preventing it from reaching the gutters and the ground. The excess trapped moisture seeps through the roof and causes rot. Overflowing gutters back up water onto the roof and, like debris on the roof, keep the water trapped in one place where it can do significant damage.

Regular Inspection and Maintenance

With the various ways a roof can be damaged, it’s important for homeowners to do their part to keep their roof safe. Keeping the roof clean is important, and professional roof cleaning services are available to handle especially dangerous or dirty roofs. A clean roof is easier to examine for any weaknesses and can prevent rot from setting in. An examination of the roof, either from a ladder or from the ground with a pair of binoculars, should be performed after every major storm to locate possible damages caused by rain and high winds. Trimming overhanging tree branches near the roof keeps branches and leaves from falling onto the roof and either directly damaging the structure or clogging the gutters. Clogged gutters are a huge nuisance, and regular cleaning of gutters will help keep the roof and the rest of the house safe from water damage. With a bit of vigilance and care, any roof can protect a home for many years.


Fighting Molds At Home

Molds Can Become a Serious Problem

Molds can be a very serious problem to any home or family. Not only can molds cause damage to house structures, they can also inflict disease or aggravate existing health complications, especially for persons suffering from asthma or any other form of allergy. Because molds can increase their numbers and spread to various areas of your house in a short span of time, you should be able to readily deal with the problem as soon as you detect it. Here are some helpful tips.

You can avoid molds from invading your home and taking over in five ways:

1. Keep moisture levels in your home at a minimum. Because molds favor moist and damp areas of your house, your bathrooms, kitchens, basements, and outdoor areas exposed to rain are ideal sites for colony growth. Check for any leakage in your pipes, and install a dehumidifier so your house is not very humid, especially in warmer parts of the year, such as from spring to the latter part of fall.

2. Do periodic cleaning of problem areas in your home. Check the filters of your air conditioners, exhaust fans, and others regularly. Remove fallen leaves from your gutters so no molds will grow on them. If you have potted plants, be sure that their bottoms are not wet all the time.

3. Protect and seal surfaces where molds are likely to grow. Your porch and patio can be exposed to rain and moisture frequently. When the warm season comes, molds are likely to choose them as their vacation spots. There are wood protection products that you can apply to waterproof your patio or porch.

4. Remove and replace parts of the house that have been affected by molds. Your carpets, rugs, wooden panels, tiles, and some parts of your wall may need to be removed if molds have occupied a large part of them. Replace them with new ones if possible.

5. Use disinfectants and fungicides on places where mold colonies have been detected. Chlorine bleach, ammonia, and baking soda are among the common household products you can use for mold clean up of your tiles and prevent molds from growing on them. Do this regularly, too. If molds have covered very large areas already, contact your pest control so they can use other types of chemicals for the problem.

For more Information about mold remediation click here.

Competent Contractors

Mold Remediation

mold remediationAnyone can help you kill mold from your home in no time flat. But killing the mold is just the start of complete mold remediation Round Rock. The visible mold and all the spores it has produced must be removed from your home completely. But first, you’ll want to do a preliminary inspection of the home to determine the scope of the infection and the source of moisture that produced the environment that allowed the mold to take hold All the moisture must be completely dried out. Skipping any of this and the mold will be back in a short time.

Safe and Efficient Round Rock Mold Remediation

You will need the most qualified competent mold remediation professionals in your area to get the job done right the first time. You will do well hiring a locally owned Austin, Round Rock area firm, that is not managed by some franchise a thousand miles away. The quality of their work is of the utmost importance to them since the local reputation is at stake on every job. They’ll work to get your home returned to you as quickly as possible.

Mold Remediation And Detection Service

You probably won’t be aware of a mold problem in your home until it is too late; It’s a good idea to do a regular inspection of your home before any moisture problems your home may have become mold problems? You should suspect mold if any of your family members continually suffer from mold symptoms. Some of the symptoms that mold exposure can cause include nasal congestion, frequent sneezing, difficulty in breathing and headaches. Some people may show more severe reactions such as chronic lung disease, frequent diarrhea, skin irritation, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease or COPD and other infections that may develop due to the weakening of their immune systems.

Fast Immediate Response

You want fast And friendly mold remediation when you need it.I shouldn’t matter when you call, these companies should be available to meet your needs  24 hours a day, 365 days a year, including holidays.